1. CASE.05 : Confirmation of the family tree (roots)
    My curious son once asked me about our family roots, “I want to know our family history, mom!”
    “Speaking of which, I never thought about it before…”, I wondered.
    I thought this could be a great opportunity to learn about our family history and document it for our future generations.

  2. That was when I discovered the JIDEN website. At the JIDEN website, you create your own autobiography and each of your family members’ stories can be linked and viewed in the Family Tree.
    My son is very excited to know that he can learn about our family life stories!

  3. Soon after, I explained to my husband and in-laws about the JIDEN and asked for their cooperation. Each of us registered our profile on the JIDEN website and then we started creating our life stories!

  4. Finally, we showed my son the completed family life stories on the JIDEN website. He looked very happy to learn about the life stories of his parents and grandparents online.
    “I want to make my own autobiography and show it to my future children.”, he said.
    I am so glad to know that our family tree will continue to grow with future generations.