1. CASE.02 : New filial piety
    Give a unique gift that will last for years to come:
    You’ve been taking your parents on trips, treated them to a nice meal, bought them an anniversary gift and so on, but it feels too ordinary and you want something more unique to give….

  2. A place for precious memories:
    How about creating your parents’ life stories and registering them with our JIDEN service?
    You can share the precious memories with your children and grandchildren so they can look back and connect anytime.

  3. Getting started:
    Share the idea of our JIDEN service with your parents. Upon your parents’ approval, register and start creating your parents’ life stories.
    If your parents are unsure about writing their own stories, we have a variety of JIDEN creators at your service. Our creator will write their stories based on the documents and data provided by your parents and post them on our JIDEN Library. (Extra fee applies.)

  4. Future meets the past:
    Future generations can view their ancestor’s stories by accessing our website!